Hi Naijapreneurs, we are fast approaching the end of yet another good year. Yes, although the year has shown ups and downs, highs and lows and so much, I wish to let you know that it is still not over yet. Especially, for those of you that have hesitated to make that business move which you have being thinking about. You are entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs always ACT. Well, I want to let you know it is rather unfortunate but do not feel so bad because you still have another opportunity to make up before the end of this year. Yes, your consolation opportunity.

Having researched and done business in years, I have grown to realize that a major trait for most successful entrepreneurs and business managers is their ability to recognize and act on trends and opportunities. This is a very unique and uncommon skill that is lacking in the business arena all over the world. Well, lucky for you, here is your bridge to skip that aspect of business for this yuletide season.

However, considered the rising trends, it will amaze you to note that the following businesses areas are prospective with high profitability and turnover. They are all yours; ponder and meditate. Plan and make a start. Read through, and read over again.

1. Clothing 2. Food

3. Telecommunications & Recharge cards

4. Printing & Publishing

5. Transportation

6. Gifts 7. Drinks 8. Fireworks    `

9. Poultry products 10. Your hobbies

Okay. Having read it all, I will like to let you know that the profits will not come in just like that; there has to be good planning and execution. Yes, good planning and execution. I know you are ready. Go for it, hit it and smile all the way to your bank. Compliments of the season.

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